Friday, May 8, 2009

Wither Spring?

Since I've lived my entire life in and around this part of Texas, this shouldn't really surprise me, but what the hell happened to Spring? You know, that season between Winter (such as it is in Texas) and our cruel, cruel Summer (bad song reference). Calendar says first week in May. Temperature says last week in June. Yesterday's late-afternoon 6-and-change around Hermann Park and Rice U was a nausea-inducing broiler of a slog. Thermometer in the car read 91. I believe it. Add to that the fumes wafting up from the rush-hour traffic around Rice and the nasty smell of a roof being tarred nearby that accompanied me for at least a mile, and it was a sucknomenal run. Note to self: running around Rice at rush hour is to be avoided. Found myself throwing in lots of little 30-second walk breaks, mostly to keep from passing out. Heat acclimation began in earnest. Gonna be a long summer.


  1. Quit whining and start running. You have to get ready for Waldo! The soul-crushing heat will have you ready to roll on all those Oregon hills.*


    * - Indicates enormous lie.

  2. Forget Waldo, I'm not even prepared for RHR-redo in less than a month!