Monday, April 19, 2010

The Long Road Back

As I wrote in my last post of any length, life after last year's Where's Waldo 100K has been a challenge. I'm now about 8 weeks into my very slow, very conservative return to running after 9 weeks on the shelf. A glance at my Attackpoint log tells the story - some short runs during the week (generally at a decent pace for my slow ass) and some slightly longer, much slower stuff on the trails each weekend. Is the body 100% healed? I wish. Fact is there are still mysterious things going on with my left leg, pretty much from hip to ankle. I now believe that the root of the problem is my back and that much of my discomfort is nerve-related. I've tried sprinkling lots of off days between my runs, but to little effect. So time for a new approach: run more - not necessarily mileage-wise, but more consistently. Like 6 days a week consistently. And for now, to limit the maximum time of my runs to around 2 hours (the point at which the left-side demons usually start to pop up). Kind of the same approach taken by this guy (who knows something about injuries): Except without the ridiculous vertical climb. Or speed. Or grace. But with way more heat! Point is, the basic idea is the same. Be consistent and build a strong base. Come June, I'll reassess and maybe start to stretch out the long runs a bit. Still plenty of time before Palo Duro & that's all that matters right now.

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