Sunday, August 15, 2010

Endless Summer

It hit 100 today in H-town. Heat index: 112. Given that it's mid-August, this shouldn't really be news. But, in what has to be one of the more meaningless statistics of the summer, it was the first 100-degree day this year. Why meaningless? Because even without a 100-degree day, the first two weeks of August have been really, really hot. Like the hottest on record. By 4 degrees. The other day, the LOW temperature was 83. Eighty-friggin-three. The highest low ever in August. Global warming is a hoax, my ass. Do these facts make me feel any better? Yeah, right. In fact, I've become almost numb to the heat. Sure, I'm tired of running in it, but there's no use fighting it. With every run I bank, I'm one day closer to fall (known in Houston as "Not Summer").

As for my actual running, June and July were not quite everything I had aimed for. After a solid May, I was hoping I could take a step up in June. Wasn't to be. 118 miles over 17 runs - not what I was shooting for. July was slightly better - 137 miles and 19 runs. Wouldn't have been a bad month had I not completely burned out a couple weeks in. Just couldn't bear to get out there anymore. So, I took a solid week off - Summer Break - in hopes of refreshing the soul. Worked okay and I closed out the month solidly. The first couple of weeks this month have gone decently as well. High hopes for finishing it out strong and positioning myself for a solid peak in September before Palo Duro. Keep telling myself that running through this horrific heat can't help but make me stronger come this fall.

And now, in the tradition of music-posting-running-bloggers, a terrific video from someone who deserves far more attention than he receives:

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