Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yearly Stint On The IR

Why can't I get injured in July? It seems that my down time always ends up happening during Houston's prime running season. Oh well. What can you do? Anyway, after a visit to my sports medicine doc, I've decided to take 4-6 weeks off and see if I can't shake the abdominal/hip/low-back issues that have plagued me for much of the better part of a year now. That wasn't exactly my doctor's recommendation. He wanted me to get a MRI to rule out a pelvic stress fracture. And while I wouldn't mind doing that if it was like, you know, free, it most definitely isn't free. At least not under my crappy insurance. Plus, I really don't believe this is a stress fracture (just not that much pain). So, the plan is lots of rest, repeated trips to my muscular therapist, at-home stretching, and eventually some strength work. In a month or so, if the issue hasn't resolved at all, then I'll consider the possibility of a sports hernia or a stress fracture. But given the fact that I haven't tried significant rest in the last year (I think 5 days was the most I'd taken off), I think a conservative approach is the logical first step.

Right now, though, I'm looking forward to co-captaining the Park Road Aid Station at this year's iteration of the Rocky Raccoon 100. Should be a nice handful of excellent runners up front (rumor is that Tony Krupicka is coming down), and helping all those runners behind the top guys and gals reach their goals is tremendously gratifying. Really looking forward to it. I'll try to do a preview post closer to race day.

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