Monday, March 7, 2011

Return to Running

Over the past couple of weeks, I've returned to running. Short, relaxed stuff (on the trails as much as possible). After a month off, I was hoping to see more relief from my chronic hip and abdominal issues, but they linger on. Definitely not as pronounced as before, but still nagging. Actually, these issues are probably more annoying in my non-running life (sitting at work, doing crap around the house). Over the past few weeks, I've become fairly dedicated about core and hip work - planks and hip ab/adductor band exercises (which can be pretty tough for such a short workout). Got a couple of extraordinarily painful sessions in with my muscular therapist, but doing this on a weekly basis is simply cost-prohibitive right now. As for my running plans - nothing exciting. A slow buildup with no target races right now. Toying with the Rocky Hill Ranch 25K (ok, "Hells Hills") next month, if I can get a solid base in over the next few weeks and at least one run of 2 hours or so. No biggie either way. Just happy to get out there again. Injury time off always reinforces the fact that being healthy enough to run day in, day out is far more important to me than any specific racing goals. At least right now...

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