Friday, April 29, 2011

Not So Fast

So much for the "Return to Running." Just when I'm able to finally put the near-chronic hip and abdominal issues behind me, the left shin rears its ugly head again. Man, this is getting so old (like me, I suppose). I tried to run through it, a strategy that's had some success in the past, but it wasn't going to work this time. The level of discomfort pretty much erased all of the joy of running - when the entire focus of a run is on how much your shin hurts, it's time to stop.

The plan? Five weeks off. Maybe six. No running AT ALL until the beginning of June, and then a very conservative ramp up (in the dreadful heat of summer). Between now and then, a lot of work on the core and hips, followed by tibialis-specific exercises. I'll get out on the bike a bit, just to remember what it's like to break a sweat, and in a few weeks (if all goes well) start to mix in some walking.

Not running sucks. That's a fact. But running injured, day in and day out, may even suck more. The 5-6 weeks off will be well worth it if I can just get out there one day and run a few miles where nothing hurt. I've pretty much forgotten what that feels like (save for the time months ago when I was on a course of steroids for a non-running issue).