Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Took a few days off after Miwok before deciding to get back at it for what promises to be a long, hot summer (is there any other kind?).  The balance of May saw mostly short runs during the week (4-5 mile range generally) and very relaxed stuff on the weekends.  Decided that the first half of the summer was going to be about consistency and staying healthy.  On that count, May was a success.  No problems post-Miwok and I was able to log a nice stretch of activity the last half of the month.  

When the calendar read June 1, things picked up as I stretched out my weekday runs to the 5-7 mile range and started a 6-day-a-week running regiment, with Sundays as walk days.  Given that summer in Houston is generally a miserable time, it's sort of surprising that this June was one of my best months of running ever.  181 miles (second biggest month ever, and by far the biggest without an ultra race), 26 days of running, 3 days of walking, and only one zero day.  Moreover, somehow I got just a little faster lately, with most of my runs 10-15 seconds a mile quicker than I've been historically.  Much of it probably has to do with a good base of spring racing, which has helped build strength.  My form feels relatively smooth and things are clicking right now.  After a frustrating, injury-plagued 2011, I'm just trying to savor each healthy run.  Hopefully more of the same for July (work may make a duplication of June difficult) and then some more focused training in August and September to get ready for Firetrails and the local racing season.  

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