Tuesday, March 4, 2014


So, Punxsutawney Phil emerged at the beginning of the month, saw his shadow, and thus it was ordained that I would not make it through the month uninjured.  By the numbers:  121 of my 125 February running miles were logged during the first three weeks of the month. I was feeling goooooood. I even ran nine days in a row, such was my hubris.  Then my right knee hurt (seriously, who would have expected that?).  And I barely ran a step the rest of the month.  Less than ideal Miwok training. 
Despite the solid first 3/4 of the month on paper, other parts of my training were less than ideal.  Looking back, it was clear that the diet was meh.  There was too much fire water.  Too little sleep.  No real strength training or core work.  The sad reality is that I'm not young enough to employ the "just run a bunch" training method.  Toeing the line at Miwok in a couple of months is going to require a more holistic approach. That and no more foolish 9-day-in-a-row blocks of running. 

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